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Explore and learn what Good2Go can do for your busy commercial print business.

Who, sent what, when?

Email is one of the most used tools today.
Yet, hours are wasted everyday trying to find information and files buried in email. Email makes a horrible workflow solution. So how do you end the email chaos? 

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View these short videos (most under 3 minutes long) to learn more about what Good2Go can do for you.

Start in 15 mins or less

No hassle installation. Up-and-running in 15 minutes or less. See how easy it is to get started with Good2Go. (02:27 mins)

File on-boarding

Easy for the print buyer and powerful for the printer. See how Good2Go makes job on-boarding a breeze. (02:17 mins)

Review & approval

Easy document review and approval with advanced mark-up tools. Need an response by 3pm? See how Good2Go will chase down the customer for you. (03:02 mins)

Teams and tasks

Employees need to collaborate too and need co-workers to help complete tasks to get the job done. See how Good2Go makes tasks easy. (02:14 mins)

Auto Preflight

Know if your files are print ready instantly. See how PDFs are automatically preflighted for critical errors that can affect print quality. Powered by Enfocus Pitstop! (01:30 mins)

Remote control

Email is your remote control for Good2Go. See how you can send review documents or request uploads without leaving your email. (01:42 mins)

Walt Stevens, Blasi Printing

Walt Stevens, production manager at Blasi Printing in Hanover, PA talks about his experiences using Good2Go. (03:42 mins) 

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Options to fit your team.

Monthly subscriptions packages that help you grow your team.

Single user

Ideal as a place to start or for companies with less than 10 employees. $50 per-month

5 Users

Build a team and share files and tasks..
$150 per-month ($30 per-user).

10 Users

Maximize your production efficiency.
$250 per-month ($25 per-user).

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Get to know us.

Explore the video and podcast to learn more about how Good2Go got started, who it’s for and our philosophy for the future.

Introducing Good2Go

Want to know how Good2Go got started and who it was built for? 
Watch, Michael Reiher, president of Good2Go Software, deliver a short introduction of Good2Go —  (6 Mins)

Printerverse Podcast

Join, Deborah Corn, intergalactic ambassador of the Printerverse, and Michael Reiher, president of Good2Go Software, as they introduce Good2Go. (40 min)

Launching soon! 

Click below to get notified when we launch and our 15 day free trial is available.