Good2Go Print Production Workflow is Released for the U.S. Market

August 10, 2021

Today, Good2Go Software ( announces the commercial availability of its Good2Go workflow service for commercial printers of any size in the United States. Delivered as a cloud solution, print service providers can be up-and-running with Good2Go in 15 minutes or less. Services provided by Good2Go includes: easy file upload with automatic PDF preflight, PDF review and approval with mark-up tools, automated reminders, task assignment and much more. A 14-day free trial is available today from the Good2Go web site.

With email being the primary communication tool used by print buyers to coordinate job specifications and even submit files for print, its difficult for printers to keep track of all the information, deadlines and files buried in email. Good2Go helps printers reduce the email chaos by providing a simple to use solution that print buyers and printers can share files, coordinate revisions and collaborate to ensure files are approved for print. 

“We really wanted to address the needs of any size printer, especially the smaller print shops” said Michael Reiher, President and co-founder of Good2Go Software. “There are many complex and expensive systems available for printers, but these systems are mostly out of reach for smaller print shops. The result is they get left behind or, they must piece together solutions themselves which can be time consuming and frustrating. In contrast, Good2Go was designed to be easy to acquire, learn and use so that even the non-technical users can use Good2Go.”

A key goal when developing Good2Go was to make sure it’s simple for print buyers to use. Print buyers never have to log-in or create an account to work with Good2Go. With a simple click they can upload files, download files, upload revisions and review PDFs online with advanced mark-up tool in order to communicate possible issues or corrections. 

“One of the aspects we love about Good2Go is how much our customers love it” said Walt Stevens, production manager at Blasi Printing. “We don’t get a lot of comments on systems we use, but several customers have commented how easy it is to upload files, or how much they like our review and approval site provided by Good2Go.”

Key features and functions

·      Easy and secure file upload

·      Automated PDF Preflight (powered by Enfocus Pitstop)

·      PDF Document review and approval with advanced mark-up tools.

·      Revision management

·      Automated reminders and notices

·      Task assignment (multiuser accounts)

·      Digital job board to manage priorities

·      Preset file sorting to help find jobs quickly

 Pricing and availability

Good2Go is available today in the United States and is licensed through monthly subscriptions starting at only $50 a month for a single user account. Good2Go offers a 14-Day FREE trial  directly from the company website.

For more information on Good2Go and what Good2Go can do for your print business, visit the Good2Go Software website at or email us at

Good2Go Software, LLC, founded in 2020, is a global supplier of cloud-based workflow solutions for the graphic arts and printing industries. Our mission is to offer an open workflow environment that is accessible by companies of any size. We will do this by taking an all-new approach to workflow solutions utilizing the latest in cloud technologies to integrate with a large variety of graphic arts, and non-graphic arts, solutions. Good2Go customers will be able to select best-of-breed solutions to add to their Good2Go environment without any additional integration or IT services required. This is why we say, “Good2Go is workflow without the work.”