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“Easy” is in our DNA. One of our goals for Good2Go is to ensure anyone can get up and running with Good2Go in 15 minutes or less. No special installation. No integration required. No set-up fees, or days spent entering product data, Just create an account, set a few preferences and you’re good to go! 

Sign-up for our fully functional, hassle-free — no credit card required — 14 day free trial to find out for yourself. 

Make Good2Go part of your overall workflow. Explore our new Enfocus Switch App bundle.

Quick and easy print order quoting and order submission for the print buyer. Powerful tools for the printer. 

Manage your quote approvals and increase sales with automated reminders,

Explore our review and approval service with advanced mark-up features which will help you obtain and record document approvals for print. 

Are fonts missing? Do images have enough resolution? Is bleed defined? Good2Go automated PDF preflight tells you this, plus much more. No special training required.

Learn about some magic built into Good2Go and how email can be used to submit new jobs, preflight PDF files, or send out a document for review and approval.  Good2Go turns email into your workflow remote control. 

Good2Go offers several ways to manage individual users, departments and teams. Learn about your options here.

A solution for remote workers, designers and outsourcing. Coming soon!

Explore our collection of product demo video’s and past webinars to understand more about what Good2Go can do for you. 


Good2Go has a REST API available making it possible to integrate with other cloud based and locally installed solutions such as an MIS, Web2Print or other workflow system. Click here to learn more. 

Want Good2Go to work with your MIS, ERP or web connected workflow?
See our API for more information. 

Experience Good2Go

Visit Progressive Prints — a fictitious company — order some print using a typical PDF file and you’ll experience the print buyer side of Good2Go and we’ll follow-up with screen shots of what you see on the printers side.

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Good2Go, no hassle, free trial.

  • 14-day fully functional trial.
  • No credit card required.
  • Free live set up and training.
  • No harassing phone calls or excessive emails.
  • Subscriptions start at $50 per-month.
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