Where email orders fly out the door.

Print buyers love to email in orders. Easy for the print buyer, but a pain for the printer. With the power of AI, email order processing just got easier.

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Email order from Print Buyer

Email from the print buyer.

Good2Go Order Pilot Email summary

Summary email from Order Pilot

Order details can be viewed and adjusted in Good2Go.

How it works…

With the Order Pilot, adding this order to Good2Go is as simple as forwarding an email. 

  1. Receive an email order from the client.
  2. Forward the email to the Order Pilot.
  3. The AI-driven Order Pilot reads the email and creates the order in Good2Go.
  4. A summary is emailed to the Good2Go account holder.
  5. Order details can be reviewed in Good2Go.

Order Pilot leverages Artificial Intelligence to read the print buyer’s email order and create a structured order. This includes the product type, any named sizes, print quantities, the number of page, folding styles, due dates, and more. It’s just like having a CSR read and enter the order for you. 

CSR thinking about order.

Who can use Order Pilot?

  • Print shops that receive orders by email
  • Printers who need to organize and track email orders
  • Printers looking to reduce order processing errors
  • Printers who want to centralize their client’s communications

Applying AI to email order processing in printing can significantly enhance efficiency and accuracy. By automating the reading and structuring of orders, AI reduces manual entry errors, speeds up order processing, and ensures consistent data handling. This not only saves time for print shops but also improves client satisfaction by providing a seamless and prompt service. Integrating AI in this manner can help printers manage their workflow more effectively and centralize communications, making it a valuable tool for the industry.

Accessible by the entire print shop.

Good2Go order workspace

Orders are accessible by anyone in the print shop, eliminating islands of information.

Specification to file comparison.

Adjust order parts as needed.

Print buyer portal

A complete on-boarding experience

  • Automatic spec to file comparison
  • Adjust items as needed
  • Print buyer portal
  • API to link to your MIS

Order Pilot Demo

Do you want to see the results based on your email order?
Just forward your sample email to:

Be sure to include the job files. We will send back a link to a video of the results, or schedule a meeting (below) and we’ll run it live for you so you can see the results for yourself. 

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