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Good2Go deploys the AI-driven “Order Pilot” to quickly onboard and organize email orders for print.

February 19, 2024 — Shickshinny, PA

Today, Good2Go Software announces the release of the Good2Go Order Pilot for intelligent email order onboarding. The Good2Go Order Pilot provides an easy way for printers to onboard email orders and convert the natural language order details in the email into a structured order. The printer would forward the email and any attached files to their Good2Go account to start the process. From there, the email order is sent to the artificial intelligence (AI) engine within the Order Pilot to analyze the email text and create an order in Good2Go. 

“This is a game changer for the commercial printing industry,” said Michael Reiher, president and co-founder of Good2Go Software. “AI brings powerful natural language translation and a deep understanding of the printing process to Good2Go. With AI integrated with our email onboarding process, Good2Go provides an automated way to quickly organize emailed requests for quotes or orders and provide an organized summary of the email contents to anyone in the printshop.”

The Good2Go Order Pilot is included with every subscription of Good2Go. To utilize it, Good2Go users simply need to forward their order email and any attachments to a special Good2Go email address. Once received, the Order Pilot leverages a connection with OpenAI to analyze the email content and extract key job specifications, such as trim page size, number of pages, due date, print quantity, special colors, folding preferences, and paper specifications. Using this information, along with the attached files, the Order Pilot then creates an order within the Good2Go system.

“Print buyers love using email to make requests for quotes or place an order with their print service provider,” said Mr. Reiher. “This is easy for the print buyer, but it can become a problem for the printer as staff sometimes struggle to keep up with the emails, increasing the chances of jobs to be missed or forgotten.” 

Once in Good2Go, the job becomes available to all team members. An operator can review the job, assign the imported files to the correct specifications, and adjust the order as necessary. Once the files are assigned to the correct specification created by the AI analysis, the Order Pilot automatically compares the product specification to the job spec and points out any discrepancies to the operator. 

“It is great to see Good2Go tackle an industry wide problem of translating customer requests for quotes and inquiries into structured, actionable information needed for print production. The innovative use of Artificial Intelligence in the company’s Order Pilot feature will give hours back to production staff every week” said Ryan McAbee, owner, and chief analyst at Pixel Dot Consulting.

Order information captured by the Order Pilot is automatically available through the Good2Go REST API. This will provide access to other systems, such as a Print MIS for quoting, estimation, and job ticket creation. 

“This is just the beginning,” continued Michael. “We want to be a leader in AI technology for the printing industry and expect that the capabilities of the Order Pilot will mature quickly as we get feedback from customers and as the AI technology continues to grow.”

Availability and more information

The Good2Go Order Pilot is available in beta for every Good2Go account. During the beta period, customers wanting access to the Order Pilot should contact To learn more about Good2Go and our services available visit

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