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Michael Reiher, president of Good2Go Software

Michel Reiher, President of Good2Go Software

Message from our President

Automation of artwork production for print has been a hot topic of years in the printing industry. Developments in SaaS solutions for print, low-code automation platforms like Zapier, and artificial intelligences (AI) is changing the way software integration and workflow automation  is done. The best part is its very cost effective and its relatively easy to implement.

These workshops are designed to help printers of any size, learn what’s possible with these platforms and inspire you to join in the automation revolution that’s taking-off today. We will explore different solutions in these workshops as well as explore different technologies and how they will impact your printing business in the years to come. 

The future is here. Join us and learn. 


Automation Workshops

Workshop 2

Automating custom email notifications 

May 3, 2024 — view the recording
Sometimes it necessary to format email notices to print buyers with a specific format so you can take advantage of there job management system or to meet requirements for their email communications with vendors.

Concepts presented in this workshop can also be used for other custom email notifications and responses to client submissions. 

In this webinar we’ll:

  • Review the requirements for the automation
  • Create a plan
  • Review and define triggers
  • Build the final automation from scratch
  • Show how to build workflows with optional paths
  • Show how to shorten URL links

Workshop 1

Send a text message based on a document event. 

April 5th, 2024 — RECORDING AVAILABLE!
In this workshop we’ll look at how to send an automated text message to a print buyer based on a production event such as “ready for pickup”. In addition, this workshop will cover:

  • What’s needed for the automation.
  • How to plan the automation
  • What a trigger is and how they can be used
  • A live demonstration on how to implement the workflow

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Order Pilot (AI) Introduction

Introduction of the Order Pilot


Good2Go recently announced it’s AI driven Order Pilot in Good2Go. With this new features, orders emailed by clients can be easily on-boarded in Good2Go with the Order Pilot reading the email and extracting key order data to help move the job along quickly.

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