The fast-path to print approval.

Made for printers of any size.

Most commercial printers struggle to keep up with client requests buried in email creating a major pain point on the path to final print approvals.

Email makes a horrible project management tool.

“Important information gets buried in emails, not all messages are read, and the confusion caused by multiple emails further compounds the issue.”

Sound familiar?

Until all of a sudden, you find yourself dealing with frustrated staff and irate clients.

Common causes of frustration:

  • Critical Information buried in email
  • Employees out of the office
  • Everyone works as an island

Now you can eliminate the chaos of email and enjoy organized and accessible communications that drive jobs to final print approval 50% faster!

Tools to guide you to approval. 

Good2Go service montage of the most powerful pre-production platform for print.


Print buyers love the simplicity.

Most file types accepted.


Easy on you and your print buyers.

Approvals, corrections and comments all in one spot.


Produce more in less time.

Leverage Good2Go services with Zapier or Enfocus Switch automation.

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Innovation & Automation

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Collaborate and stay organized

Where information can be missed in emails, Good2Go collects customer comments, corrections and final approvals in one place, accessible to the entire staff.

The path to fast print approvals

  • Proven, robust services for print production.
  • Easy and fast to get started.
  • Cloud solution, nothing to install or maintain.
  • Automated reminders to speed approvals
  • Keep files in the cloud until approved for print.
  • Easy to manage corrections and changes
  • Automatic PDF Preflight
  • Team collaboration
  • Live support and training included.

Add the benefit of increased productivity, now you’re on a path that leads to exceeding expectations and happy clients that keep coming back for more.

Upload a PDF and get a Proof

Experience Good2Go in 2 minutes or less.

Enter your email. Upload a PDF. Get a proof. Simple!