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Never miss another print approval.

If you email PDFs to clients for print approvals, you need Good2Go.

Easy to use.

Drag and drop. Add an email. Send. That’s it! 


Automatic reminders
keep print buyers, and you informed.

Easy to find.

Approvals, change requests, mark-ups and comments are all kept in one place.

Print buyers never need to remember a username or password, they just click, and they’re Good2Go!

Email makes a horrible workflow.

On-demand Webinar: Run time 3 mins.

Does your company send out requests for print approval by email? You may also find that employees spend a lot of time digging in email trying to find approvals or corrections that quickly get buried. Watch this short video and learn an easy and cost effective way to keep your print approvals and corrections organized and on-time. 

The limits of email.

Manual process

Email may seem easy, but you end up typing the same message over and over again. 

Missed or lost

How many times do you hear “I must have missed that email”? 
Enough said! 

Manual reminders

Email is a manual process and you need to remember to follow-up.

Good2Go automates the review message, the delivery of the document, the tools to review, and reminds clients automatically when a deadline is approaching.  It does not matter if you send out 5 review documents a day or 100, Good2Go has you covered. 

No installation, no complex settings, no set-up fees.

Everything is included in our secure cloud service that you can be up and running with in 15 minutes or less — in fact, we’ll even help you. Live set-up and training is included! 

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Additional Good2Go services…

order Portal

Deploy easy to use order portals with built-in preflight for quick and accurate job on-boarding. 

Automatic Preflight

Instantly see the details of a files specifications, image resolution, missing fonts, and more. 

Integration API

Good2Go services can be integrated with your MIS or workflow solution like Enfocus Switch.

Walt Stevens, Blasi Printing

Walt Stevens, production manager at Blasi Printing in Hanover, PA talks about his experiences using Good2Go. (03:42 mins) 

Using Good2Go may cause less stress, increased productivity, and happy clients. Use only as directed.