The Good2Go Software Conference Series: Empowering Client Communications

Stop Losing Print Approvals and Wasting Precious Time

Problems with lost changes and missed print approvals?
It’s costing you more than you realize.

Escaping the Email Nightmare

  • Wasting time searching through countless emails to find information
  • The stomach-churning moment when you miss a print approval
  • The dread of starting an entire project over
  • The countless hours and dollars wasted
  • The looming threat of unhappy clients waiting on delayed projects

Discover the Ultimate Solution

Say goodbye to lost approvals, miscommunications, and buried emails.

Immediate Collaboration

Work effortlessly with clients on print projects.

Clear Communication

Every approval, change, and comment is right where you expect it.

Revolutionize Your Print Shop!

  • Achieve faster print approvals
  • Drastically cut down errors
  • Elevate your client satisfaction levels

Real Results Speak Louder

Walt Stevens talks about the Good2Go Software, a cloud-based solution designed for efficient file sharing and approval. 

  • Simplicity: Good2Go Software is easy to use and set up.
  • Cloud access: Good2Go Software is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Adaptability: Good2Go Software can be used by teams and customers of all sizes.
  • Avoids email clutter: Good2Go Software eliminates the need to email large files.
  • File approval: Customers can approve files directly within the Good2Go Software platform.

“With Good2Go, I never miss a thing. It’s where every proof finds its rightful place. It’s simply a game-changer.” 
Caitlin Roberts Sullivan, Furbush Roberts Printing Co.

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