Experience Good2Go

Upload a PDF — Get a proof

Experience Good2Go file on-boarding linked directly to our on-line proofing.

Steps to receive a proof

  1. Click “Upload a PDF” Button (scroll down).
  2. Enter a valid email (you won’t get the proof if it’s not valid).
  3. Fill in as much data as you wish.
  4. Add a PDF.
  5. Submit the file.

The “Upload a PDF” is linked to a Good2Go file submission portal. This is included in every Good2Go account. 

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Your experience…

  1. A order confirmation email.
  2. Links to an order summary page.
  3. Allows for client to upload more files to the job.
  4. A proof request notice.
  5. A “no log-in” link to view the proof.
  6. Tools to mark-up any issues.
  7. A place to comment.
  8. Final proofing result submission.

Allow upto 5 minutes for the proofing request to arrive.

After the experience…

After you try our file onboarding and proofing experience, take a free trial account to see more of what Good2Go can do. Keep in mind, live support and training is available. Just book a training session from our “ getting started” web page.

Michael Reiher, President of Good2Go Software

One more thing….

This demo is branded using our “Progressive Prints” mock company. With your account, your logo and information will appear so your clients know it’s you!

Thank you for your submission!

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You just submitted a file with our Good2Go upload portal. A great replacement for “upload a file” and included with every Good2Go subscription.  If you uploaded a PDF, soon you’ll get a proof back to review.  

Schedule an online meeting with us to see more about what your submission looks like in Good2Go.