Getting started with Good2Go!

Following are some short tutorials that will help you get up and running with Good2Go in no time. 

1. Get your account.

Every new user account starts with a 14-day free trial period. You will not need to enter payment information until you are ready to convert to a paid subscription plan. No action required to cancel the free trial period.

2. Schedule your training session.

Schedule your personal set-up and training session. Takes about 15-30 mins and we’ll make sure you’re Good2Go!

Set-up your branding.

Setting up your Good2Go environment with your company information and system preferences will provide a better evaluation experience. This process should take about 10 minutes. 

1. Resize your company logo to maximum of 560 (width) x 120 (height). Save as a PNG and make sure it’s under 1MB in size.

2. In Good2Go open the Account page under your user name (upper right). 

3. Scroll down to the “Team” section and enter your company name as the team name. Example: Progressive Print

4. Click on the button for “Company Logo and Website“.

5. Drag and drop your resized logo on the import target.

6. Fill out the other company information. Email, web site and customer service email. 

59 second video walkthrough on how to set up your branding in Good2Go.

How the branding is applied in Good2Go.

1. The company logo and name are used in the layout of the email sent to the customer.
2. The logo is used on the review page and other customer pages to reenforce the branding.
3. The account holder name and email is used to personalize the contact information.
4. The email header is formatted to show the company name, action and a summary of the email so the user knows who’s the email from. 

Set-up your preferences.

Setting up your preferences will help save you time in many ways! See below for how to set up the most important settings. 

1. In Good2Go open the Settings page  under your user name (upper right). 

2. Select the Edit button in the upper right corner.

3. Make selections for your desired unit of measure, and date format.

4. Set-up your default deadline. The deadline is used by the automatic reminders to help remind customers of important deadlines.

5. Default review message. This is the default message used when sending out a document for print approval. This message can be changed on a case-by-case basis. 

Sample message: Click on the “Review now!” button to review and approve your layout for print. Approval is required before we can produce your job. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

6. SAVE YOUR CHANGES! At this point, be sure to save your changes for the settings made so far. 

7. Set Auto Reminders. These are relative to the deadline/due date defined for any specific job. 

4 minute video walkthrough on how to set up your important preferences in Good2Go.

Import your customer database.

Learn how to import your customer database (CSV) into Good2Go. This will save time entering customer data. 

Good2Go Tutorials

Short lessons to be successful with Good2Go.

The following lessons assume you have set up your branding, and Good2Go preferences.

Online Proofing

Send a document for review.

  • Open the “Quick Job” window.
  • Drag and drop a file onto the window.
  • Add the clients email.
  • Send the document for review.

For the above to work, be sure to have your default settings defined for the default due date and the default review message. Also, be sure to define your reminders so that the client is reminded if they don’t respond.

Quick Job is accessed from the main “Job List” view. 

Quick Job Interface.

1. Drop area for the document to be sent.  
2. Email entry box.   
3. Review message. Auto-fills with the default image.    
4. Default deadline automatically filled in.

Watch the short <2Min video on how the Quick Job feature works.


Move your cursor to the right of the folder name to show the link shortcut to the HTML version of the Quick Job window. This URL can be bookmarked for quick access at any time. 

Other places to send a review.

From the context menu

Click on the context menu for a file and click on “Send for Review”. Note, Team Workspaces do not have file actions in the context menu.

From a quote or order screen

Open a quote or order from the “Orders” screen by double clicking on the order number. From the “Specification” screen navigate to the “Preview” window and click on the context menu for the file to be sent out for review. 

From Enfocus Switch

With the Good2Go Apps for Enfocus Switch, documents can be routed to a Good2Go account for customer review with standard or custom messages.  Book a meeting with us to learn more about how to set up the Apps.

In the screen above, “” will be sent the document “Winter Postcard” for their review and approval. 

From email

Send PDF or image documents out for review directly from your email. From the email used for your Good2Go account send an email to “”.
Put the customers email in the subject line, and add the document to the email. Send the email.

Good2Go will receive the email, verify your account and send the document to the client with default settings automatically. 

Proof Results Notification emails

Above are examples of the three proofing result notification emails. Note the email includes any comments and notes any mark-ups the client may have made. Clicking the “Review Now” button takes the receiver right to the file in Good2Go.

Tracking your proofing results.

In addition to email notifications when a file is reviewed, Good2Go provides several places and ways to see all the reviews, the status and the results. 

The above Team Workspace shows files and orders based on when they were last changed. This is a great place too see at a glance if the client has reviewed the document and what the status is.

Closeup shows some of the common document statuses. 

Adding files to Good2Go

There are two primary ways to import a file into Good2Go. One is for Good2Go users (drag and drop) and one for external customers (upload links). 

Drag and drop!

Just click and drag your file onto the Good2Go interface and your file will be uploaded. If you want your file uploaded into a specific folder, be sure to open it first. 

File formats supported include just about everything. PDF, EPS, PSD, IND, PPT, XLS, DOC, TIFF, JPEG, etc… 

Client uploads (upload to a folder)

For external customers, create a folder and enter the customers name and email. Then from the folder action menu, select “Send upload link”.

You can then send the upload email right from Good2Go, or copy the link and add it to your own email. With the upload link the external customer can just drag and drop the files into Good2Go and the folder you created. Good2Go will notify you with an email when the customer uploads a file. 

Submitting a folder of files

Folders to be submitted to Good2Go should either be compressed into an archive (.ZIP) or the contents of the folder can be uploaded individually or in mass. 

Note: Safari on MacOS supports automatic archiving of a folder when dragged and dropped on the Good2Go upload screen. 

Order Portal

Portals provide a simple workflow for clients to submit files with job information. Portal links can be sent to clients directly, or links can be used on a web site for clients to submit an order. 

A default portal is provided, but any folder can be made into a portal by selecting the “Make portal” option on the righthand information region of the Good2Go desktop. 

See Section 4 for how to set up a Portal. 

Lesson 2: Review & Approval

Good2Go provides a PDF document review and approval service with a variety of mark-up tools.

To send a document for customer review, select the PDF to be sent, then select “Send for review” from the action menu.

Like other functions in Good2Go you get an option to send the review notice from Good2Go, or copy and past the review link into your own email. 

IMPORTANT:  Be sure to set up your default Review Comments under your account Settings. This will save you time typing in basic instructions for your clients. 

PDF and image file formats such as JPG, GIF, and PNG are supported by the review engine.

New “Quick Job” feature!

Check out the short video on what the new Quick Job feature! This will allow you to quickly send out documents for review and print approval in a snap! 

Need help?

At Good2Go, our support policy is simple… if you need help, we’re here to help. Just submit a support form and we’ll get back with you as soon as we can. In most cases the same day.

Good2Go Basics

the reviewer experience

More Review & approval features…

Multiple reviewers

If multiple people need to review a document on the clients side, they can forward the review link to additional co-workers for their input. 

Another way is to change the customers email address after the first review and resend the same document to a 2nd or 3rd reviewer.

The advantage to this approach is each reviewers comments are captured separately and recorded in the document history. 

2-way reviews

Need to point out an issue or verify a specific change? No matter the reason, if you need to mark-up a document just click on the preview and use the mark-up tools to mark up the issues and questions you want to confirm.

From there, just send the review and the customer will see your comments.

Allow document download

Do you need to send a document to a customer? Maybe you need them to make a change on their end to a document you’ve also made corrections too? 

To send a document to a customer, just select the file and select “Download” from the action menu. Then select “Copy Link” and send that to the customer in an email. 

Another option is to allow them to download a document from the PDF review window. To do this, simply turn on “Allow File Download” and send the customer a review copy. 

Review History

Good2Go captures all review comments and approval selections creating a record of the review and approval events if needed down the road. 

Have a question?

Don’t be shy, submit a support form and we’ll get back you as soon as we can!

lesson 3: PDF Preflight

The super awesome Pitstop PDF preflight in Good2Go is provided under license by Enfocus Software. PitStop Pro is the best selling, most used PDF preflight and PDF editing tool in the print service provider industry. If you’d like to learn more about what PitStop Pro can do to help you correct common PDF issues, click on the Enfocus Technology Logo to be linked to their web site. 

How Preflight works 

Any time you upload a PDF to Good2Go it will be run through the Preflight service provided by Enfocus Pitstop. When done, you will see the results in the file summary pane, and you can view the detailed results under the “Preflight” tab of the file details section. Along with this, Good2Go provides an annotated preflight report that allows you click on the error message and see the offending object on the page. A great way to find the source of any errors. 

What’s checked in the PDF?

The preflight service looks for a large variety of possible issues in your PDF files. Those issues include: missing fonts, low resolution images, bleed settings, overprint and transparencies, ultra-small line weights, spot colors defined, and more. The checks enabled focus on typical issues and common parameters for offset and digital printing. 

Portal preflight summary

Part of the order portal, the preflight summary provides a quick view at the most critical aspects of a PDF file for print. Page size, and number of pages are compared to the product specifications defined by the customer. 

PDF Preflight summary

Using the Annotated Preflight Report

Downloading the report

Download from the preflight details window.
Note, there is also a JSON version for the workflow integration types. 

Viewing the report

To view the interactive report, you need to have PitStop Pro installed (latest version) or download Enfocus Status Check for free.
(Adobe Acrobat Required)

Reading the report

Open the PDF with Acrobat. View the list of errors and warning found in the PDF. Select an error and the object with the error will highlight on the screen. Easy-peasy!

 Want to add Review & Approval to your MIS?

Visit our API page to learn more about integration opportunities with your MIS, ERP or other workflow systems.

lesson 4: Setting up an order Portal

  • Make a folder
  • Activate it as a portal
  • Get portal link
Create an Order Portal

The portal icon is shown when a portal is activated.

Making an order portal is easy. First make a folder. Give it a name you’ll know what it is. With the folder selected, on the right panel turn on “Make Portal”. You will see the portal Icon appear next to the folder.

From the context menu, select “Portal Link”. This will give you the link to the portal center page (below). From there, you can navigate to a “Request a Quote” (3) or “Submit a Job” (4). These links can be independently posted on your web site or shared with customers. 

1. Portal Link dialog.    2. Center page URL.    3. “Request a Quote” link.    4. “Submit a Job” link.

Have a suggestion?

Share your ideas for features, support articles, other services to integrate with. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Request for quote.

Good2Go fits in your quoting workflow two ways.

One is to use Good2Go to deliver and manage your quotes. With a PDF of the quote, you can use the “Send for review” function to send the quote to your client. Doing this allows Good2Go to manage your quotes, as well as Good2Go will automatically follow-up on the quote based on a deadline you define (automated reminders). 

Second is to link Good2Go to your MIS solution*. Then quotes can be forwarded to Good2Go and turned into a “Order”. With an order created, the print buyer and a CSR can be connected in Good2Go so they can collaborate on their job. 

*The MIS must allow for an API connection. Contact us to explore this option.