Documentation & Tutorials

This page provides a series of short videos and static tutorials to help you learn and use Good2Go. 

Please note, due to updates and changes some screens shown may be slightly different than whats shown.

Table of contents

Under Construction!
These pages are under development and may not be perfect. If you see an error or have any suggested topics, please email Thanks!

  1. Upload a file to Good2Go (internal)
  2. Client uploads to Good2Go
  3. Upload file(s) with descriptions (portal submission)
  4. Setting up a Portal
  5. Client specific folders or Portals
  6. Email submission to Good2Go
  7. Email onboarding from sales rep to CSR
  8. Good2Go file limits
  9. Dynamic Order Creation

  1. Single file proofing
  2. Multiple file proofing
  3. Multiple reviewer proofing
  4. Places to access proofing in Good2Go
  5. Monitoring results.
  6. Quick Job overview
  7. Using proofing links in your own emails
  8. Send a proof using email workflow
  9. Mark-ups – how they work
  10. Collaboration
  11. View files specs, preflight options
  12. Client uploads from proofing window
  13. Allowing download of file

Good2Go basics

  1. Good2Go Desktop overview (video)
  2. Workspace overview (video)
  3. Orders overview
  4. Moving files in Good2Go
  5. Advanced searching
  6. Bookmarking views
  7. Expired files, bring them back
  8. Stopping changes to files — locking files and marking as “Done”
  9. Good2Go customer emails
  10. Good2Go internal emails
  11. Importing customer lists
  12. Custom labels

Working with Orders

  1. Creating a new orders
  2. How orders work
  3. Editing an order
  4. Checking files specs (preflight)
  5. Setting up a Portal
  6. How to stop changes to an order 
  7. Quote review

Forwarding jobs to outside printers or design firms

  1. Forward a file
  2. Forward a folder of files
  3. Forward an Order
  4. Send a proof

Working as a team

  1. Account basics
  2. Setting up an admin account
  3. Creating a team
  4. Viewing jobs/files as a team
  5. Sharing files as a team (Assign task)


  1. Workspace overview (video)
  2. Viewing details in Workspaces
  3. Bookmarking Workspaces
  4. How to Remove files/orders from workspaces

Email and notices

  1. Using Good2Go notices
  2. SafetyNet email explained
  3. How to use your email (basic)
  4. How to use your own email (workflow driven)

Revisions and changes

  1. Internal revisions
  2. Client supplied revisions
  3. Ways to keep original files

Workflow automation

  1. Working with Enfocus Switch
  2. Send a text message notification (Zapier)
  3. Linking to a Woo-Commerce site (Zapier)
  4. Linking to your CRM (Zapier)
  5. Good2Go API
  6. Dynamic Order Creation