File uploading for print

Good2Go makes the proofing experience fast and easy for everyone.

Better than email
  • Trackable, secure file uploads
  • Automatic file specifications
  • Organized job data
  • Central location for all to share
  • Automatic client portal creation
Fast & Easy
  • Easy to link to your website
  • Easy for print buyers to use.
  • Brandable web service
Made for print
  • PDF Preflight built-in
  • Job and file specifications review
  • Quote review and approval
  • 2-way mark-up for communicating issues
  • API to link to your MIS

Experience Good2Go

Upload a PDF and get a Good2Go Proof

Experience Good2Go as a print buyer. Upload a PDF in our Good2Go order portal and Good2Go will automatically send you back a proof for your review.

Simple and easy. 

The file upload screen allows the print buyer to upload multiple files into one job submission.

Client Portal

Clients get a job portal automatically after submitting their files.

Multiple Portals

Create an upload portal for general customers or portals for specific customers. No limit.

PDF Preflight

Trim page size, fonts, image resolution, bleeds, inks and more. Learn whats in a PDF automatically.


From the emails, to the review screens, add your branding to ensure the clients know who the review is coming from. 


Can’t remember when changes were requested or what was requested? No worries, Good2go keeps all the history for you. 


Integrate Good2Go proofing with Enfocus Switch, your MIS or any system using our REST API.

print buyer benefits

  • Upload any file type
  • Not limited to 10 MBs file size
  • Can submit multiple files for one job
  • Easy guided instructions
  • Automatic specification detection
  • Job portal provided

Schedule a demo and let our team show you how Good2Go can optimize your print approvals.

Submit files

  • Link from your website
  • Support for “Upload files” or “Request a quote”
  • Automatic file specifications
  • Upload one or more files as part of a job
  • Job portal automatically created

receiving the files

  • Automatic email notices
  • File specification checked against the file
  • Customer comments and instructions captured
  • Easy to use

Advanced Features

  • Multiple upload portals supported
  • Team view shows all portal uploads
  • History recorded
  • Assign tasks to teammates
  • Forward jobs to outside vendors