PDF Preflight in the cloud.

Instantly see if a file is printable or not.

page size

See the document trim page size.


See if bleeds have been properly created.


Learn about any low resolution images.


Learn what colors have been used.


See if any fonts are are not embedded.

PDF Preflight summary

Will the file print?

Simplicity for everyone.
No expert required. 

No need to bother prepress just to see if a file is printable or not.

Imagine how much time you can free up from prepress if they don’t have to check every file?


  • 30 jobs a day.
  • Prepress averages 5 mins a file to review.
  • Good2Go Preflight eliminates 50% of files sent to prepress.
  • Good2Go saves 1.5 hours a day or 30 hours a month.

Pinpoint that issue.

Good2Go also provides a annotated preflight report that will highlight errors on the page so you know exactly what’s wrong.
Simple and powerful.

PDF quality checks performed in Good2Go.

Trim page size, number of pages, page ORIENTATION, mixed page orientation, mixed page sizes, objects close to the edge of the page, Bleeds defined, spot colors, RGB/cmyk Blacks, rich blacks, small text with rich black, INK COVERAGE OVER 340%, thin lines, very small text, missing fonts, objects defined to overprint, Transparent objects, low image resolution, 
Enfocus Pitstop

Powered by Enfocus PitStop.

Good2Go proudly uses the Enfocus PitStop technology to drive our PDF preflight. 

Good2Go, no hassle, free trial.

  • 14-day fully functional trial.
  • No credit card required.
  • Free live set up and training.
  • No harassing phone calls or excessive emails.
  • Subscriptions start at $50 per-month.
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