Knowledge is power!

Automated PDF Preflight allows anyone to see the quality of a file in seconds. 

Top 5 file errors.


Wrong trim page size.


Fonts missing


low image resolution


bad Color definition


No Bleeds

Will the file print?

Green is good. Yellow may be an issue and red, well, probably a show-stopper. Can you see the simplicity?

No need to bother prepress just to find out.

Imagine how much time you can free up from prepress if they don’t have to check every file?

Can you get more specific?

Oh, yeah! How about what page the error shows up on, or the actual resolution of images? 

PDF quality checks performed in Good2Go.
Trim page size, number of pages, page ORIENTATION, mixed page orientation, mixed page sizes, objects close to the edge of the page, Bleeds defined, spot colors, RGB/cmyk Blacks, rich blacks, small text with rich black, INK COVERAGE OVER 340%, thin lines, very small fonts, missing fonts, objects defined to overprint, Transparent objects, low image resolution, 

Powered by Enfocus PitStop.

Good2Go proudly uses the Enfocus PitStop technology to drive our PDF preflight. 

Which image is 72dpi?

Prepress will love this!

Knowing there’s an error is nice, but know exactly where it’s at on the page is amazing! Along with our internal preflight summary we also provide the PitStop annotated preflight report. Just click on the error and the offending object highlights. 

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Just click on the button and you’ll be launched into one of our simple order portals. Just complete a sample order using a typical PDF for your work, and when complete, we’ll follow-up with a screen shot of the preflight summary page. Then you can see what the print buyer see’s and what you’ll see on the in Good2Go. 

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