Good2Go Subscriptions


Perfect for any size printer who wants a robust proofing solution made for commercial print production.

$ 30 $ 21 .60

Per-month, billed annually at $259.
$24 USD/Mo billed monthly.


Perfect for any size printer with all the Good2Go features.

Includes two (2) seats.

$ 99 .99 $ 72 .00

Per-month, billed annually at $864.
$79 USD/Mo billed monthly.

Pro 5

Perfect for any size printer where more than one department needs to access Good2Go. Automation capable.

Includes five (5) seats.

$ 225 $ 168 .00

Per-month, billed annually at $2,016
$180 USD/Mo billed monthly.

Pro 10

Perfect for printers where team collaboration is essential. Automation capable.

Includes ten (10) seats.

$ 400 $ 304 .00

Per-month, billed annually at $3648.
$320 USD/Mo billed monthly.

Prices listed above include a 20% industry organization & Good2Go partner discount.
Ask for participating organizations and partners. Free trials are available for all subscription levels. Contact us for more information on how to upgrade your Basic free trial. 

Add-ons available for Pro subscriptions

50GB Storage

Increase file storage from 20GB to 50GBs per-user.

$10 USD/user/Mo.

Order Pilot AI Orders

Increase the maximum number of email order submissions from 15 per-month.
Per-100 submissions:


White Label Server

Good2Go service installed on separate environment with custom settings to meet your needs. Ideal for franchises, multiple site printers, or printers who need total branding control. 

Don’t see an upgrade you’d like to see?  Contact us to discuss your needs. We always try to find a solutions to our customer needs. 

Feature List




Pro 5

Pro 10


No. of seats





File On-boarding

Automatic PDF preflight

On-line Proofing with mark-up

Unlimited proofing

Automated reminders

Proofing status dashboard

Custom branding (logo, contact info, Email format)

Webhook support

Zapier automation support

Enfocus Switch Apps support

Good2Go  API support

Team collaboration workspaces

File retention in days





Working storage (per seat)





Maximum single file size upload limit





Live set-up and training





Live, email and phone support

 Note: * indicates upgrades are available. 


Drag and drop file upload 

Common File types supported — PDF, JPG, PNG, ZIP, IND, EPS, PS, IL, Word, CSV, Excel, MOV, MP3. Other formats accepted. 

Multiple file upload (drag and drop)

Request file upload with 1-click access

Request for quote submission (portal)

File upload with specifications (portal)

Number of upload portals allowed (per-seat)





Automatic specifications extraction (size, number of pages, and sides)

Collection of product details such as product type, size and more

Multiple product support (portal)

Non-layout file support (i.e. mailing lists)

Upload job comments (portal)

Deadline definition (portal)

Automatic job number assignment (portal)

Print buyer job portal

Upload additional files or corrections

Job commenting and questions from customer portal

File quality control for print

Automatic PDF Preflight

Checks for: page size, number of pages, missing fonts, bleed, low image resolution, plus more.

Image resolution and size check for JPGs, PNGs and GIFs

Add key lines (bleed, trim and safety zone)


Online, one click, proofing

Mark-up and commenting tools

2-way commenting and mark-up

Options to “Approve”, “Request changes” or “Reject” a file

Single, and multiple document proofing

Single and multiple reviewers

PDF and image file formats supported

Automatic review deadline with automatic reminders

Show file specifications (optional)

Show file preflight summary (optional)

Allow file download (optional)

Allow file printing (optional)

Allow revision upload during review (optional)

Review history (view and export)

System features

Hosted emails services with anti-spam certificates

Branding (logo, URLs, landing pages, contact info)

Custom default messages for all notifications

Safety Net email response handling

Order Pilot email AI processing

Customer contact database

Automatic identification of bounced emails

Customer database importing

Global system history (view and export)

Search and sorting tools

Custom job labels



Zapier Support

Enfocus Switch App Suite

Webhook support

Job details dataset

Preflight details dataset

Customer details dataset

File status change webhook (new, approved, changes, done, etc…)

Preflight generated webhook

File label change webhook

File version change webhook

Email and live support for Automation & integration*

Development account available at no additional charge

Experience Good2Go 

Upload a PDF and get back a Proof! A great way to experience Good2Go in under 2 minutes!

Free Trial

Sign-up for a free trial and put Good2Go to work for you!

Frequently asked questions

Can more than one user log-in under an account

Accounts can be used by a single user, or a department such as “customer service”.  However, keep in mind, all actions that generate an email will come from and go to that common account email. 

Do my customers (print buyers) need an account?

No. Your customers never need an account or have to log-in. Good2Go takes care of that and makes it secure. 

Do you offer any help for integrating with our current systems such as connecting Good2Go to our MIS?

Our staff is always available to help and answer questions. If your project is more involved than we can properly service, we can recommend a qualified integrator that can help you with your project.

Do I need any additional licenses such as Enfocus Switch or Pitstop Pro to use Good2Go?

No. Good2Go includes everything for our cloud service. Pitstop technology is built-in and included, while Switch is optional if you want a more extensive automation solution to work with your Good2Go account. 

I would like a demo outside of normal business hours, can that be arranged?

Yes. Just write us at and tell us what day and time you’d like. We’ll do our best to accommodate, even on weekends. 

Is Good2Go secure?

At Good2Go we take many steps and use a multiple layer approach to secure your account and your customer data.  Plus any payment data is run through a 3rd party processor using the latest in security for financial transactions. 

Do you limit how many reviews I can send out?

No. You can send all you want with Good2Go.