The Good2Go Software Conference Series: Empowering Client Communications

Online proofing for print approval

Good2Go makes online proofing fast and easy for everyone.

Better than email
  • Trackable reviews
  • Mark-up tools built-in
  • Send files up-to 100MBs
  • Results shared with the entire team
  • Safety Net email capturing*
Fast & Easy
  • Send documents in seconds
  • Multiple reviewers
  • Send multiple document in one review
  • Import your customer database for fast access to emails
  • Default messages save time typing instructions
Made for print
  • PDF Preflight built-in
  • New Keyline guides for safety zone, bleeds and folds
  • Job and file specifications review
  • Quote review and approval
  • 2-way mark-up for communicating issues

*Safety Net is a email system developed by Good2Go to ensure no review comments are missed even when the client responds to a “do not respond” email. 

File specifications and optional file intelligence can be added for final layout approval.

online proofing layout specifications
Mark-up Tools

Highlight, stamp, draw, place sticky notes and more. Over 30 mark-up tool options. 

Auto reminders

Automatic reminders are sent as  deadlines draw near. 

PDF Preflight

Trim page size, fonts, image resolution, bleeds, inks and more. Learn whats in a PDF automatically.


From the emails, to the review screens, add your branding to ensure the clients know who the review is coming from. 


Can’t remember when changes were requested or what was requested? No worries, Good2go keeps all the history for you. 


Integrate Good2Go online proofing with Enfocus Switch, your MIS or any system using our REST API.

The team dashboard provides an at-a-glance status overview for each file. 

Live dashboards update automatically for team monitoring. 

Get a 14 day free trial and schedule a training session and let our team show you how Good2Go can optimize your print approvals.

Keyline guides for safe zone, bleed and folds.

Add keyline guides to just about any file to help show possible layout issues. 

Send a proof

  • Quick Send interface
  • Drag & drop file
  • Enter email
  • Message and deadline use defaults to save time

Client Review

  • No log-on required
  • Mark-up tools
  • Comments available
  • Easy to use

Receive Response

  • Email notice and dashboard provides results overview
  • Click for direct access
  • Task can be assign to another team member
  • History recorded