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Getting started submitting your book.

 1. Initial upload

  1. Enter your email and contact information.
  2. Upload PDF’s of your book. It’s acceptable to upload multiple documents.
  3. Be sure to identify each document as to what it is. For example: “Chapter 1” or “Inside Cover”.
  4. Add any comments.
  5. Submit your job. You will get a confirmation email with access to your submission. including the files. 

 2. Provide final review.

  1. After submission, our system will provide a quality check of your files submitted. Then a proof will be generated and sent to you electronically. 
  2. Review each submission carefully!
  3. “Approve” a document if it’s ready for print.
  4. “Reject” a document if you see an error you will correct.
  5. “Request Changes” if you want our staff to review an issue or make changes. Be sure to provide comments on the possible issue while in the review software. 
  6. Submit  your results.

If All documents are “Approved” your job will move into final production.
Your book will not be available for print until it is fully approved.