Dynamic Upload Templates

Custom URL generated file uploading.

Drive connivence from your website for your print buyers

Dynamic Upload Templates make it easy to upload files, with the right specs for the right job.

How it works…

http://www.Good2GoSoftware.com/client info/job file info/

  1. Customer accepts a job quote.
  2. Your website generates a custom URL defining the files needed for the job.
  3. The URL includes: the customer info and the file specifications.
  4. The URL is given to the client in an email.


Green arrows indicate values entered by the custom URL.

Part 1

Domain + account + client email

The client confirms their email address.

Note the values are prefilled from the URL shown under the screenshot. 

&name=Tom+Jerry&address= 217+Apache+Drive&city= Shickshinny &state=PA&phone=012-345-6789 &zip=99999

Part 2

Client name + address = Phone

The client confirms their contact details.

&unit=inch&p1_type=Summer+ Flyer&p1_q=1000& p1_pg=1&p1_w= 8.5&p1_h=11&p1_d=1

Part 3

product type + print specifications + file specifications

The client confirms the specs then uploads the file for the job. Multiple products can be defined.

User enters data.

Part 4

Job comments + deadline

The client adds any details in the comments and selects a due date.

User reviews summary.

Part 5

Review job

Client reviews and submits.

Customer is emailed receipt.


Job submitted!