The marriage of cloud and ground based automation for print.

The Good2Go App bundle

Upload App

Upload files to Good2Go and send them out for proof review, forward to another person with instructions, or just upload it for distribution later.

  • Upload documents to Good2Go
  • Upload documents and send for proofing
  • Upload documents and forward to a 3rd party
  • Upload for review (no sending)
  • Variables for email
  • Variables for custom messages
  • Set a due date

Status App

Monitor the status of files in Good2Go for changes. These files can be routed to different processes based on these changes. 

  • Automatically monitor and sort files based on a status change
  • Statuses include: New, Pending, Processing, Approved, Changes, Rejected, Completed, Error out, and Expired
  • Monitor the entire site, or specific folders in Good2Go.
  • Update the status in the dataset

Review App

Send files already in Good2go out for print approval, upload a revision, or forward a file with instructions to a 3rd party. 

  • Sends files for proofing
  • Updates a file with a revision
  • Forward a file
  • Insert custom instructions or messages
  • Variables for email
  • Update the dataset with the latest action

Watcher App

Watch for new files uploaded in Good2Go outside of Switch for remote monitoring and processing.

  • Monitor Good2Go for new files uploaded
  • Automatically creates dataset for each file
  • Watch the entire account or specific folders

Download App

Download files from Good2Go directly to Switch.

  • Download files from Good2Go
  • Updates datafile

Good2Go Dataset

The magic in the Apps. The Good2Go dataset provides a detailed profile of the file in Good2Go. Includes basic file specifications, preflight data, and URLs. Information to drive your remote processing. 

  • Includes file specification
  • Preflight data for PDFs
  • URL for proofing
  • URL for file download
  • URL for upload revision
  • URL to forward file
  • Customer email
  • Customer name, phone, and address
  • File status
  • Processing history
Did you know using the dataset, files can be monitored and routed by Switch but remain in Good2Go until the high-res file is needed for print processing? This can help minimize the number and size of files on local servers.