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Michael Reiher, President,
Good2Go Software, LLC

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You might be asking yourself, “what can Good2Go do for us“?

If print approvals and client corrections are getting lost or buried in email, you need Good2Go. If client files need to go to prepress just to know if they’re printable, you need Good2Go

Take 10 minutes to explore this page and we’ll show you how we can help solve those issues and more starting at just $50 a month.

Join Andrew Schall, president of GMA, along with Michael Reiher, president of Good2Go Software, along with two Good2Go users as they explore what Good2Go offers and how it fits in the print production workflow. 

Don’t get buried in email!

According to a Harvard study, employees spend about 20% of their day looking for information — information mostly buried in email.
Thats one whole day a week wasted.

Need for online proofing

Watch the 3 minute video to see how you can automate your print approvals and corrections.

Review & Approval

  • Easy to learn and use.
  • Automatic reminders.
  • Mark-up tools.
  • 2-way collaboration.
  • Easy sorting and seaching.
  • Everything in one place.
  • All actions captured in history.
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But wait… there’s more!

Are you always bugging prepress to check files?

Most print shops need to know if the clients file matches the specification of the job, and if the file will print correctly. 

Most of the time, that means sending it to “the expert” to review the file, and that can take hours or even days in some cases.

What if anyone could know this in 30 seconds or less?

Watch this 4 minute video and learn how anyone can see if a file is printable or not!

Good2Go is powered by Enfocus Pitstop. The most trusted name in PDF preflight.

Enfocus Pitstop

Top checks:

  • Trim page size & No. of pages.
  • Bleeds & bleed amount.
  • Missing fonts.
  • Low-Resolution images.
  • Spot colors defined.
  • Much more!

Imagine how much time will be saved if you know this information the minute a job comes in?

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