Good2Go Mobile Device UX

The Good2Go review interface will automatically adapt to the devices available screen space and make important controls visible and easy to access. 

Good2Go Goes Mobile for Proofing & Print Approval

The new release improves print-buyer satisfaction by providing a clean, user-friendly mobile interface.

March 11, 2024 — Shickshinny, PA

Today, in an era where mobile connectivity is indispensable, Good2Go Software is proud to announce the launch of its innovative mobile interface designed to revolutionize document review and approval for print. With smartphones and tablets driving over half of internet traffic, there’s a pressing need for a seamless, mobile-friendly platform for print buyers. Good2Go’s latest update caters to this demand, offering an intuitive interface that simplifies document navigation, markup, and approval processes, potentially hastening the approval timeline by up to 50%.

“Mobile support for document review is essential for the modern print buyer,” said Michael Reiher, president and co-founder of Good2Go Software. “We live in an on-the-go society, and many print buyers will check email on their mobile device, leading them to a review request from their printer. Now, with our new mobile views, the print buyer can review the document at that time. By allowing immediate document review and approval via mobile devices, we anticipate a faster turnaround for final print approvals and enhanced user satisfaction, as print buyers no longer need to revert to their desktop computers to complete their reviews.”

The new mobile interface supports all external client interfaces, including single document reviews, multiple document reviews, document markup, file submission, and order summaries. The interface is automatically adjusted based on the receiving device’s screen size, allowing users to view it on almost any mobile device, including most smartphones and tablets.

“At Good2Go, our primary aim is to deliver an exceptional experience for print buyers,” Mr. Reiher stated. “Our platform’s simplicity and efficiency directly impact our clients’ reputations. We strive to ensure our clients receive positive feedback for making the print purchasing process effortless for their print buyers.”

Good2Go is a modern SaaS solution that helps print service providers collaborate with clients to onboard new files and drive the production process to final print approval. With built-in automated processes such as client reminders, automated PDF preflight, and more, files can be ready for print 30-50% faster with less re-work and minimizing multiple documents buried in employee silos. 

Availability and more information

The new mobile device support is included in all Good2Go subscriptions and is available today at no additional charge. To learn more about Good2Go and its services, visit

Good2Go Software, LLC, founded in 2020, is a global supplier of cloud-based workflow solutions for the graphic arts and printing industries. Our mission is to offer an open solution environment accessible by printers of any size. We will do this by taking an all-new approach to delivering powerful graphic art production services utilizing the latest cloud technologies. Good2Go customers can be up and running in less than 30 minutes and without any additional integration, special hardware, or IT services required. This is why we say, “Good2Go is workflow without the work.”