Automated PDF Preflight

Freedom in knowing…
Power to fix!

Good2Go teams up with Enfocus to bring the perfect combination of freedom and power to make any print production workflow fly!

Anyone can be a file expert!

Not everyone has the skills and knowledge most prepress experts have, but with automated preflight built into Good2Go, anyone can see within seconds, “does the file match the specs, and will it print”?

Subscriptions start at just $50 per month!

Try automated PDF Preflight for yourself!

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After signing up, just drag and drop a file on Good2Go and view the preflight summary. 

Try a live demo. Click here to submit a simple print order using your PDF and we’ll follow-up with screen shots of what you see in Good2Go for the preflight!

Prepress has the power!

Automated preflight gives everyone the ability to know about issues, but prepress still needs to fix issues and prepare files for print. PitStop Pro provides the power that helps prepress fix many common issues in a snap!

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Automated preflight in under 2 minutes

See how PDFs are automatically preflighted for common print errors when imported into Good2Go.

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