Good2Go Launches Print Order Portal with Built-in PDF Preflight

November 30, 2021 — Shickshinny, PA

Today, Good2Go Software announced the availability of its all-new print order portal for its Good2Go cloud-based customer service and workflow solution for print service providers of any size. The print order portal makes it easy for print buyers to request print quotes and submit jobs on-line with minimal input. Plus, Good2Go automates several functions while on-boarding new jobs including automatically preflighting PDF files and answering two questions every printer has — “does the file match the specifications and will the file print”?

Good2Go is a cloud-based (SaaS) customer service and workflow solution offering a variety of services that help print service providers collaborate with their print buyers, bring on new jobs, verify them and move them into production quickly. This includes services to capture requests for quotes, on-board new jobs, preflight PDFs, and obtain print buyer approvals for documents ready for print. 

The new order and job submission portal focuses on making the process easy for the print buyer. It does this through a simple four step submission wizard where the questions and graphic arts jargon is kept minimal. This was done to not overwhelm the print buyer yet encourage them to use the on-line portal as opposed to submitting their job freeform in email where jobs can get lost, misplaced or even forgotten.

“Research showed that about 50% of jobs are sent to printers by email” said Michael Reiher, president of Good2Go Software. “Focusing on the “why”, the reason was very simple — email is easy. Our research indicates many print buyers get overwhelmed with many job submission portals or web-to-print solutions because they’re too complex or confusing. In addition, many print buyers prefer a more personal connection with their print service provider and want input from the printer to feel more comfortable with their job.”

Good2Go order portals can be defined and deployed in under two minutes with no extensive set-up. There is no limit to the number of portals that can be created. This allows portals to be created for general use or for specific customers to help keep jobs and high-value clients organized. 

“The Good2Go print order portal with the job and preflight summary is a game changer” said Walter Stevens, production manager with Blasi Printing in Hanover Township, PA. “Anyone can look at the summary now and see if there are any show-stopping issues. It’s a huge time saver for anyone in print production.”

Once jobs are submitted to Good2Go, the print buyer receives an order confirmation email with a link to their job portal, and an upload link specific to that job if they need to upload additional files. In addition, the Good2Go account holder is also notified of the submission with a link directly to the job summary where they get an overview of the job submitted.

“Is the file printable and does it match the spec?”

Most printers want to know does the file submitted by the print buyer match the job specification and is it printable? Most printers find this out by CSRs reviewing files first, and then sending them to prepress for further investigation. This not only slows production but overwhelms prepress with checking files causing interruptions and bottlenecks while on-boarding a new job. 

 The top five most common issues encountered by printers are:

  • Wrong trim page size.
  • Missing fonts
  • Low resolution images.
  • Bad color definition.
  • Missing bleeds.
PDF Preflight summary

Good2Go print portal addresses these issues automatically with its built-in PDF preflight and print portal job specification summary. At-a-glance, any user can see if there’s a potential issue with these top five issues. This eliminates the need to send most jobs to prepress to be reviewed when it’s built right into the order submission process. 

Pricing and availability

Good2Go print portal is included with every subscription of Good2Go and available today. A single user account is $50 a month, a five (5) user account for $150 per-month, and a ten (10) user account for $250 per-month.  Interested clients can sign up for a 15-Day free trial directly on the Good2Go website.

For more information on Good2Go, or Good2Go Software LLC, visit the Good2Go Software web site at or email us at

 Good2Go Software, LLC, founded in 2020, is a global supplier of cloud-based workflow solutions for the graphic arts and printing industries. Our mission is to offer an open workflow environment that is accessible by companies of any size. We will do this by taking an all-new approach to workflow solutions utilizing the latest in cloud technologies to integrate with a large variety of graphic arts, and non-graphic arts, solutions. Good2Go customers will be able to select best-of-breed solutions to add to their Good2Go environment without any additional integration or IT services required. This is why we say, “Good2Go is workflow without the work.”