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Print quote approval

Quote approval management to increase business.

Quote management made easy

Keep your quotes on top of the pile 

Good2Go online quote approval is a trackable & collaborative quote approval solution, that keeps your quote on the top of the pile so you don’t have to.

Recording: Job On-boarding with Good2Go

View our recorded webinar for “Easy job on-boarding” which features the new quote approval workflow.   Click here to view!

The Good2Go quote workflow

Good2Go makes th experience fast and easy for everyone.

Client requests a quote

The print buyer submits a request for a quote— either directly through the Good2Go portal, by email or through a sales representative. Good2Go makes it easy to summarize the job specifications either with or without layout files attached. 

Request a quote.
Attach a quote and send.

Attach and send

Create your quote with your MIS, quoting software, or your preferred method and save it as a PDF. Attach it to Good2Go request for quote or print order, set a deadline and send. Good2Go will take it from there. 

Quote follow-up made easy

 The key to sales is to keep your business on top of the pile. Good2Go automatically reminds the client of your quote until they accept. A big win for sales!

Key features

  • Send PDF quotes from any system.
  • Include a job specification summary.
  • (optional) Include layout files.
  • Set a deadline to “accept”
  • Automated reminders to help gain sales.
  • Automatically converts quote to an order on acceptance.

Good2Go, no hassle, free trial.

  • 14-day fully functional trial.
  • No credit card required.
  • Free live set up and training.
  • No harassing phone calls or excessive emails.
  • Subscriptions start at $50 per-month.
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