The Future of Workflow Automation for Print

The automators guide to the future.

There are new technologies driving change in how automation for print is done. This article will explore the changes and what it means to software publishers, professional integrators, and customers who are implementing their own automation solutions. 


Workflow automation has been a “buzz” word for years in the printing industry. But even though workflow automation is nothing new, how it’s done is all changing, and it’s changing fast. 

At Good2Go we wanted to create this page/article in an 

The Platforms

Locally installed (ground based) workflow automation system

The most widely known type of workflow automation on the market today this classification of solution will continue to play a key role in the future.

With the ability to handle a wide variety of rules based automations, as well a conditional data driven automations. The most recognizable solution known to the market today includes Enfocus Switch

Given this article is about the future of workflow automation why is a technology like Switch one of the technologies highlighted? 

The answer is that although this is an older solution, it still has a place in the future driving automation in the backroom. Especially when it comes to more complex automation workflows, a solution like Switch may be a better choice. 

Plus, ground based solutions can be the conduit from the cloud to the ground when married to a robust cloud based work management solution.

SaaS (cloud based) work management solution

Good2Go Team Workspace.

One of the newest types of solutions available for the printing industry, this type of solution provides a robust, cloud based solution for managing files, information and connecting with other systems.

What’s important to know about this type of solution is it focuses on collaboration for users and other systems. A robust solution can provide services used by the printer, and print buyers, or, the solution can be driven remotely by other solutions to congregate, share, and manage files and information between other cloud and ground based systems. 

Good2Go is an example of this type of solution. Not only does Good2Go provide a robust file management system, it provides core services for print production and supports connectivity to several other popular integration and workflow solutions. 

Low-code, cloud integration and automation solutions

Low-code, cloud based, integration and automation platforms such as Zapier,, and others have revolutionized the integration of cloud solutions.

As opposed to traditional automation solutions, low code cloud solutions provide a common integration platform that simplifies the integration and support of the connection. This way, once a solution is compatible with a platform, then it can connect with thousands of other compatible solutions. 

Elements of automation.

Information, actions, and assets.

Tying it all together.