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Good2Go/Switch Troubleshooting

Common questions and issues with potential fixes or explanations.


Solution or explanation

Switch, Error 403: User access not permitted

This has to do with a setting being called that is pointing to a different or non-exisitent account. This could be one of the following.

+ Good2Go token is not correct or is out of date.
+ The wrong server region is selected in the Good2Go App. 
+ You’re using a template and a folder path is defined that does not appear in your Good2Go account. 

Review the App carefully to ensure all settings are current and point to your account. 

Switch: I get multiple email notifications

Most of the time this will happen while testing a flow in Switch and using the “polling” method of monitoring. If you stop and restart a flow with a file in process, it may trigger the Good2Go App to request the notices are resent. If you let the flow run, the issue will not happen. 

Note: Switch fires the timer for polling every 5 mins. Some actions may require the polling to fire twice before you see any visible changes in Switch. 

I can’t find the Good2Go Dataset

Often this happens because the flow is still active. The flow must be stopped for the dataset to be made visible. 

If that does not do it, activate a flow and pause a connection just past a Good2Go App. Once the file is stopped by the paused connection, then stop the flow and check for the dataset. 

My file is not moving in Switch?

Ofter it looks like a file is not moving, but email notices may get sent from Good2Go indicating the file has in fact moved. This is often caused by the Switch Polling mechanism.

You may experience this working with the Good2Go Review App. A file may show in the folder before the App, but yet the email notice has been sent for the review. If you wait for the polling timer to fire again in 5 Mins, the file will then more forward in the flow. So, what happens is one timer fire calls the action and the second timer fire moves the file forward. 

There is nothing you can do to change this other than use Webhooks to eliminate this odd behavior. 

Why doesn’t the file JSON file change?

The JSON files created by the Good2Go App is just a placeholder for the file in Good2Go. The Jason is created once and does not change as the file progresses in Switch. However, the dataset is always updated as it passes from flow element to the next one. Be sure to use the dataset for accessing any file or job information.