Good2Go Announces a White Label Offering of its Popular Job Onboarding and Proofing Solution

October 30, 2023 — Shickshinny, PA

For print service providers seeking a unique edge in a competitive market, Good2Go Software, LLC unveils a game-changing solution. Today, the company announced the availability of a white-label offering of its Good2Go job onboarding and proofing service designed for print service providers, regardless of size. This pivotal release promises an enhanced, consistent brand experience aimed at fostering trust and loyalty with clients.

With the new offering, multi-site printing companies, franchise printers, and in-plant print providers can now deploy Good2Go services fully white-labeled, capturing the essence of their brand identity. This ensures a coherent brand strategy and reinforces client recognition and loyalty.

The cloud-based nature of Good2Go presents unparalleled advantages for multi-site deployments. Eliminating the need for local installations simplifies network and IT prerequisites. The platform’s intuitive user management means new sites or users can swiftly set up accounts with preset branding and default configurations, ensuring rapid and efficient rollouts.

Michael Reiher, president of Good2Go Software, remarked, “The growing demand for a white-label offering reflects the industry’s drive for distinction. Good2Go, being a collaborative platform, is ideally poised to offer a customizable solution that truly empowers printers to own the service. This is a cost-effective alternative to hefty investments of 100’s of thousands of dollars in custom development.”

Good2Go pledges comprehensive support for clients to customize their white-label service. This encompasses service sub-domains, aesthetics like color palettes and logos, and foundational settings. Clients can also set parameters for storage, file upload capacities, and various performance metrics, including server location and processing capabilities.

Highlighting the technical prowess of the solution, Niranjan Bai, CTO of Good2Go, stated, “Our white-label solution is designed to unburden clients from additional IT infrastructure woes. Whether accessed directly or through a browser or API, Good2Go operates seamlessly, significantly reducing IT overhead.”

The platform’s robust integration capabilities ensure it meshes flawlessly with existing systems. The Good2Go API (REST) facilitates connections with a plethora of solutions, from print MIS and ERP to compatible CRMs. Its compatibility with Zapier no-code automation and the Enfocus Switch automation platform further cements its position as a linchpin in holistic company workflows.

More information:

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Good2Go Software, LLC, founded in 2020, is a global supplier of cloud-based workflow solutions for the graphic arts and printing industries. Our mission is to offer an open solution environment accessible by printers of any size. We will do this by taking an all-new approach to delivering powerful graphic art production services utilizing the latest cloud technologies. Good2Go customers can be up and running in less than 30 minutes and without any additional integration, special hardware, or IT services required. This is why we say, “Good2Go is workflow without the work.”