Print File Management

In the world of commercial printing, managing files efficiently and securely can be challenging. Many believe email is the best way to handle file sharing, but this method often falls short. Enter cloud-based solutions like Good2Go Software, which offer distinct advantages in print file management. Let’s debunk some common myths and uncover the potential of cloud access over email.

The Limitations of Email File Sharing

Email has long been a go-to tool for file sharing, but it’s far from perfect. One of the biggest limitations of email is the lack of centralization and organization.

Picture this scenario:

Your print shop is handling a project with multiple versions of a file and several team members involved. John, your graphic designer, sends the initial design to the client via email. The client replies with some changes but accidentally leaves John out of the email, sending it to Sarah, your project manager, instead.

Sarah makes the changes and sends a new version back to the client. However, the client forgets to update the email subject line, so now you have two different versions under the same subject. The client then sends more changes, this time, including both John and Sarah, but neither of them knows which file is the latest version.

As a result, John wastes hours working on an outdated file, and crucial changes are missed. The project deadline is pushed back, and productivity is affected significantly.

This confusion could easily be avoided with a centralized and organized system. Unfortunately, email file sharing doesn’t offer such convenience. Not only can emails get lost in crowded inboxes or accidentally deleted, but tracking changes and approvals through long email threads is also time-consuming and risky. This confusion leads to errors and inefficiencies that could cost your print shop time and money.

Understanding Cloud Storage: An Efficient Space Saver

Cloud storage is a system that stores data on remote servers accessible via the internet, and it presents a significant advantage over traditional email.

Let’s revisit the earlier scenario with John and Sarah:

This time, instead of using email, they’re using Good2Go Software. John uploads the initial design to the cloud. The client can access this file directly and make revision notes within the platform, visible to both John and Sarah.

When the client suggests changes, Sarah immediately sees them in the software. She makes the necessary adjustments and updates the file in the cloud. The updated version replaces the old one, so there’s no confusion about which version is the most recent. All updates are tracked within the software, and everyone involved can see the latest version and notes.

Instead of getting lost in a confusing email thread, John and Sarah have a single source of truth. They only need to download the file when it’s ready to print, saving local storage space and avoiding constant uploading and downloading of files. This not only keeps their print jobs organized and easily accessible, but it also saves valuable time and increases their productivity.

Security Concerns: Myth vs. Reality

The issue of data security is often a major concern for print shops considering a switch to a cloud-based platform. However, it’s crucial to dispel a common myth: cloud storage is not inherently less secure than email. In fact, when leveraging the robust security of Amazon’s servers, like Good2Go Software does, it can be significantly more secure.

Good2Go Software’s cloud platform utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS), a leading provider of secure, scalable cloud computing services. AWS employs a range of security measures that typically surpass what most businesses can do on their own, let alone within an email system.

These security measures include network firewalls, secure access points, encrypted data storage, multi-factor authentication, and regular security audits. In essence, your print files are shielded behind an advanced security infrastructure designed to provide the utmost protection against unauthorized access and data breaches.

Furthermore, Good2Go Software adds another layer of protection with its strict access controls. You have the power to control who can view or edit each file, adding an extra level of security and oversight that isn’t possible with email attachments.

While emails can be intercepted and attachments can fall into the wrong hands, the cloud-based storage system of Good2Go Software ensures that your files are not only stored securely but also transmitted over encrypted connections.


Navigating the realm of print file management can be challenging, especially when common myths cause confusion about the best tools to use. We’ve debunked some misconceptions in this article, revealing that cloud-based solutions like Good2Go Software offer a more efficient and secure approach than traditional email.

To summarize, using Good2Go Software:

  • Frees you from the limitations of email, such as disorganization and potential loss of critical information.
  • Provides centralized, streamlined storage, saving local space and reducing unnecessary file transfers.
  • Ensures superior security by leveraging Amazon’s robust security infrastructure and strict access controls within the platform.

In short, the cloud can turn file management challenges into opportunities for growth, productivity, and peace of mind.

We understand that a shift in workflow and processes can be daunting, and you might have more questions or concerns. That’s why the team at Good2Go Software is always ready to assist. Feel free to reach out to us for further information, and we’d be more than happy to guide you through the advantages of our solution.

We encourage all print shops, large and small, to embrace the future of print job management. Give Good2Go Software a try, and experience firsthand how it can elevate your print business.

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