The Good2Go Software Conference Series: Empowering Client Communications

Welcome to our brand-new podcast series, “Mastering Client Communications – Insights from the Good2Go Software Conference.” This three-part series explores how Good2Go Software is reshaping the landscape for small to medium-sized print businesses, emphasizing streamlining customer communication, improving job onboarding, and enhancing online proofing.

Episode 1: Taking Command of Client Communications with Michael Reiher, Good2Go

Michael Reiher, President at Good2Go, joins Deborah Corn in the first podcast of a 3-part conference series to discuss the vision behind the company. He shares how Good2Go Software helps small and medium-sized print businesses optimize workflow like the big guys but without the big investment, centralizes customer communication to one dashboard, and how his no-code partners quickly and easily expand Good2Go’s capabilities through APIs and not long and complicated implementations. (Transcript)

Episode 2: Taking Command of Client Communications with Good2Go Part 2: Proofing

In part two of the Good2Go Conference Series, Caitlin Roberts Sullivan, President of Furbush-Roberts Printing Co, and Vivian Brachmann, Owner of Advanced Litho, join Deborah Corn to discuss how Good2Go helps them save time and money, avoid costly printing mistakes, streamline internal and client communications, and improve customer relationships. (Transcript)

Episode 3: Taking Command of Client Communications with Good2Go Part 3: Workflow

Paul Kortman, Founder at Connex Digital, and Andrea Mahoney, Workflow Automator at TriBay, join Deborah Corn to share some insights into no-code automation and integration, the benefits for small and medium-sized print businesses to expand cloud-based workflow tools and capabilities through APIs, and how Good2Go offers print shop professionals immediate wins with customers and colleagues. (Transcript)

With no integration or implementation required, cloud-based Good2Go Software provides advanced services for job onboarding and online proofing and streamlines customer communication in the process. Starting at just $50 a month, this affordable, no-hassle solution is perfect for small and medium-sized print businesses. Good2Go offers a 14-day free trial and includes live setup and training at no charge. Schedule a demo, sign up for a free trial, and in 15 minutes, you are good to go.

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