The value of PDF preflight and finding errors quickly

An overview of how PDF preflight reduces wasted time.

Print service providers, receive files from their print buyers every day and no matter the size of the printer, — from a quick print shop to a large multi-site printer — everyone wants to know the same thing. 

“Does the file match the job specs?” And, “is it ready for print?”

The road to
print approval

An overview of how to speed approval cycles and not loose jobs in the daily shuffle

Print service providers, need the print buyers final approval before the job goes to press. Many times, changes, approvals or rejections get lost in mounds of email printers receive everyday. This article looks at how technology can be used to ensure customer approvals are never missed.

Email, makes a horrible workflow!

On average, 50% of print orders come in by email. Convenient for the print buyer, a nightmare for the printer .

Industry research shows most printers receive over 50% of their print orders through email. Also, email is by far the #1 communication tool used to communicate changes, updates and for communicating print approval. Yet, email can bury critical information in conversation strings or get lost in the shuffle of a busy day.

print order submission by email