The fast-path to a print ready file.

Organize, collaborate & control. The core of Good2Go.

Made for print. 
Works like you do.
Obtain print approval 50% faster.

  • Secure on-line proofing with commenting, annotations
  • Changes and corrections made easy
  • Automated reminders keep approvals flowing
  • Team workspaces keeps everyone on the same page.
  • Branded experience to keep your clients coming back for more

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Services to speed print approval

File/job Submission

A powerful replacement for your “UPLOAD A FILE” that super easy use and super easy to implement.

Online Proofing

Never miss another change or print approval. Easy to use, easy for the entire shop to monitor results.


Good2Go has support for Enfocus Switch, Zapier, Print MIS and other REST API compatible solutions.

Upload a PDF and get a Good2Go Proof

Experience Good2Go as a print buyer. Upload a PDF in our Good2Go order portal and Good2Go will automatically send you back a proof for your review.

Simple and easy. 

By-the-way, this demo used our Job Submission Portal with our On-line Proofing and some Automation magic to make it all happen without us touching it. 

Common causes of frustration:

  • Critical Information buried in email
  • Employees out of the office
  • Employees have their own system to track proofs and changes

Missed changes and lost approvals can result in upset customers, frustrated staff, and missed deadlines costing time and money. 

Why choose Good2Go?

  • Proven, robust services for print production.
  • Easy and fast to get started.
  • Cloud solution, nothing to install or maintain.
  • Live support and training included.
  • Keep files in the cloud until approved for print.
  • Ensure you see what your customers sees for proofs.

Get started today on your path to print approval!

14Activate a 14-day free trial, schedule your set-up and training session and let our team show you how Good2Go can make “busy” easy in 30 mins or less.

Made for printers of any size.

Small Team

Basic two user accounts work well for smaller printers where a person or department can access one account. 

Large Team

Five, ten, or more seat accounts make it easy for medium to large teams to work-on and obtain print approval on hundreds of files every day!

White Label

Have multiple sites and want more control? Explore our white label option where you get exactly what you need. 

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